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Arsenic Removal
Quantum DMI-65 Media

arsenic removalDMI-65 has been shown to be effective in the removal of arsenic and other metals when there is iron present in the water. Arsenic associates with the iron and the DMI-65, which has an affinity for metals, attracts the iron/arsenic. If there is no iron in the water, ferric chloride can be added to cause the arsenic to combine with the iron. Ferric chloride may also need to be added when there are higher levels of arsenic present. In a laboratory test, approximately 78 PPB of arsenic and a small amount of ferric chloride were added to uncontaminated well water, which was then run through DMI-65 Media. The results showed that the DMI-65 Media reduced the arsenic from 78 PPB down to < 1 PPB. In full scale applications, the DMI-65 can be simply backwashed with clean chlorinated water and then put back into service. It does not have to be regenerated like conventional green sand media.

If you are interested in running a pilot test for the removal of arsenic or other metals such as mercury, aluminum, or cyanide, please contact K2O Consulting.

Technical Specifications
Physical Properties Operating Conditions
Color Brown to Black pH Range 5.8 - 8.6
Bulk Density 91.0 lbs. / ft 3 Maximum Water Temp. 113 F (45 C)
Specific Gravity 2.69 Minimum Bed Depth 24 Inches (600 mm)
Effective Size 0.48 mm Freeboard 40% Minimum
Uniformity Coefficient 1.3 Service Flow Rate 2-12 GPM / ft2
Mesh Size 20-50 Backwash Flow Rate 10-20 GPM / ft2
Annual Attrition 1-5% Backwash Expansion 15-50%
Advantages of DMI-65 Media
  • Wide pH Range - Stable and satisfactory performance at pH 5.8 8.6
  • High Flow Rates - DMI-65 can operate at linear filtration velocities up to twice that of conventional media with a corresponding reduction in capital equipment costs.
  • Higher Operating Temperature - Maximum operating temperature of 113o F (45o C).
  • Long Life - DMI-65 is not consumed in the process, providing considerable advantages over other processes or media.
  • Regeneration not Required - After initial activation, only sodium hypochlorite feed is required.
  • System Compatibility - Physical properties are similar to that of competitive media allowing conversion to DMI-65 without major hardware modifications.

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