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Walnut Shell Media - ECO-Shell
For Water Filtration, Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Applications

Eco-Shell walnut shell media is a by-product of English walnut shell trees from the Sacramento Valley in California. The various mesh sizes are milled and processed at a state of the art facility in Corning, CA

The processed walnut shells are used for various industrial applications such as removal of free oil from produced water, abrasive blasting, cosmetic exfoliates, fillers, and production of activated carbon.

The walnut shell media is competitively priced and available from stock.

For information on how to order ECO-Shell, please contact K2O Consulting.
eco shell media

Technical Specifications
Physical Properties Shipping Information
Color Light Brown Weight per Bag 50 Lbs.
Modulus of Elasticity 22,900 PSI Bags per Pallet 40 - 50# Bags
Specific Gravity 1.2 Pallet Size 40" x 48"
Displacement 0.375 @ 5,400 PSI Weight per Pallet 2,000 Lbs.
Solubility Not soluble in water Methods of Shipment Flatbed, Rail and Overseas Container
Mesh Sizes Available 4-6; 4-20; 6-10; 8-12; 12-20; 14-30; 18-40; 20-30; 20-40; 40-60; 40-100; 100; 200 Supply Availability 400 Metric Tons per Week
Applications Produced water, filter media, abrasive blasting, cosmetics, filler or extender
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